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【R2版】BlueRobotics社製 テザーリール(300m巻き) − Fathom Spool - Large (300m)【最新リビジョン】




The Fathom Spool is a rugged and easy to use spool that simplifies tether storage and management for your BlueROV2! Full IP67 water resistance, 8-wire slip-ring, and integrated quick connectors make it tough enough to use at almost any dive site while remaining easy to transport. Does not include tether! A Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) topside box is required for use, as well as a tether with an installed Binder 770 connector. SKU: BR-100990 HS Code: 9503.00.00 Contents 1 x Fathom Spool partially assembled kit 1 x 8 meter extension cable with Binder 770 plugs