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【R2版】BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit【最新リビジョン】




水中ドローン社公式ストアにお越しくださり、誠にありがとうございます。 <<産業用水中ドローンの国内トッププロバイダー>> “夢と感動の水中テクノロジー企業”水中ドローン社 <<米Blue Robotics社の日本における正規の販売店なのでご購入後も安心>> ※15時までのご注文確定で当日発送(日曜・祝日を除く)いたします。ご注文急増時は翌日以降の発送となる場合がございます。お急ぎの場合は電話・メールでお問い合わせください。 This kit provides the components needed to upgrade to the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration with four vertical thrusters, 6 degree-of-freedom control, increased buoyancy, and external thruster guards. Requires the use of two additional penetrator holes on the main enclosure. SKU: BR-101130 HS Code: 9503.00.00 <Product Description> The BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit provides the components needed to upgrade your ROV to have four vertical thrusters, external thruster guards, and additional buoyancy. With that upgrade, you’ll gain 6 degree-of-freedom control and active stabilization in roll and pitch making the BlueROV2 Heavy the most stable but maneuverable mini ROV on the market. We’ve been planning this add-on for a long time – since before the BlueROV2 was even launched. Because of that, every BlueROV2 out there already has the mounting holes needed to upgrade to the heavy configuration. This retrofit kit also includes additional buoyancy for more stability and lifting capacity. There’s a new round buoyancy foam block that fits in the void left by the original vertical thruster and a new fairing to bridge the gap between the old ones and keep a clean, hydrodynamic design. The upgrade to the heavy configuration is fairly straightforward and requires the use of two additional penetrator holes on the back end cap. The retrofit kit includes two additional Basic ESCs as well as two three-position terminal blocks to make wiring easy. It’s a bit of a squeeze to get the new ESCs in place but we have a clear set of instructions on how to do that! The center video shows the ROV holding orientation while we pull on the tether to show the pitch stability. The ROV holds a steady camera view regardless of what’s going on. This stability control is really useful when you’ve attached large payloads to the ROV, like a payload skid, or when you’ve got a lot of tether in the water, because it automatically corrects any unusual dynamics or imbalances. This is especially useful when using an ROV sonar like the Ping360 Scanning Sonar. The BlueROV2 Heavy configuration also unlocks full six degree-of-freedom control for the vehicle and we’ve also put a lot of time into supporting that in ArduSub. Check out these new maneuvering capabilities that are truly unique compared to almost any ROV! Combining that with the feedback stability control, you can orient the ROV in any position and control it just like normal. This is cool and fun to pilot, of course, but it also opens up a lot of new operational possibilities, especially when used with end effectors like the Newton Subsea Gripper. The BlueROV2 Heavy retrofit kit can be added to any existing BlueROV2 and can also be purchased alongside new ROVs. The heavy guard, new buoyancy foam, and new fairing are also available separately. Please visit the documentation pages for assembly instructions, tutorials, and to learn how to pilot the vehicle in six degrees of freedom. <Contents> ・2 x T200 Thruster BlueROV2 Spare (CW and CCW) ・2 x Basic ESC ・2 x Heavy Thruster Guards ・2 x Heavy Fairing ・2 x Heavy Buoyancy Foam ・8 x Heavy Guard Brackets ・2 x 3-Position Eurostyle Terminal Block ・3 x Ballast Weight ・30 x Zip ties for cable routing ・Bracket Screws ◦16 x M4x16 button head cap screw ・Thruster Mounting Screws ◦8 x M3x12 socket head cap screw ・Fairing Screws ◦4 x M3x12 flat head Phillips screw ・Ballast Mounting Screws ◦3 x 8-18 thread, 5/8″ long, thread-forming screw - 3D Models BlueROV2 Heavy 3D Model(GrabCAD) →https://grabcad.com/library/bluerobotics-bluerov2-heavy-1 - Revision History Revision History 7 June 2022 ・Minor revision ・M4x16 socket head cap screws changed to M4x16 button head cap screws ・Self tapping screws changed to M4x16 button head cap screws 24 May 2021 ・R2 - Initial release ・Updated T200 Thrusters to R2 version. 27 February 2018 ・R1 - Initial release <Guides> BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit Installation → https://bluerobotics.com/learn/bluerov2-heavy-configuration-retrofit-kit-installation/