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Water Linked社製 Locator-A1




The worlds smallest underwater locator device – by far! With its extremely small size (like a thumb) it is very easy to integrate on even the smallest mini-ROVs. Typical Applications Mini-ROVs and other underwater devices which use a twisted pair based tether. SKU:WL-21009-1-N001 Benefits Extremely small footprint enabling easy integration/fixation Highly robust operation in areas with acoustic reflections (shallow water, around installations, inside tanks etc.) No GPS based time-sync. This enables operation inside buildings where there is no GPS available. It also enables permanent submergion without the need to surface for new time-syncs. Requirements The Locator must be wired to the topside positioning computer through a dedicated twisted pair. This is usually acheived by dedicating a twisted pair in the ROV tether to the Locator-A1. The topside positioning computer needs to receive depth readings from the ROV through the supplied software API. Software example code is available for download here.