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【廃盤】真空ポンプ用プラグ − Vacuum Plug【後継品あり】



販売部コメント:従来版の「Enclosure Vent and Plug」に対応しています。現行版の「M10 Enclosure Vent and Plug」および「Pressure Relief Valve」には嵌合できません。 Test the watertight seal on your enclosure with this vacuum plug attachment, which connects to a hand vacuum pump and inserts into the enclosure vent. Comes with O-rings and a rubber stopper for testing. This is the old version of Vacuum Plug and is only compatible with the previous version of the Enclosure Vent and Plug (red plug and bulkhead). It is not compatible with the current version of the M10 Enclosure Vent and Plug or the Pressure Relief Valve. SKU: VENT-M-VACUUM-PLUG-R1-RP HS Code: 7616.10 Contents - 1 x Anodized Aluminum Vacuum Plug with 1/4″ Hose Barb - 2 x O-rings - 1 x Rubber stopper for testing