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Cable Penetrator Blank (No Hole) - M6 Thread



This blank cable penetrator is used to seal any unused holes on your watertight enclosure with a high-pressure seal. Each set includes a bulkhead and O-ring. This penetrator does not come with a nut! SKU: PENETRATOR-M-BLANK-6-8-R3-RP HS Code: 7616.10.7030 Product Description This cable penetrator blank is provided with no hole. You can use it to seal an extra hole or to drill out to custom diameter. Features Anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and high strength Captive O-ring face seal that works on any smooth surface Wrench flats for easy tightening Contents For each unit, the following items are included for the selected cable diameter size and bulkhead size. 1 x Bulkhead 1 x Nut (M10 size only) 1 x O-Ring