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ROV Locator Bundle Mark II 300 meter depth - Autosync, with serial-to-USB conversion cable



水中ドローン社公式ストアにお越しくださり、誠にありがとうございます。 <<産業用水中ドローンの国内トッププロバイダー>> “夢と感動の水中テクノロジー企業”水中ドローン社 <<米Blue Robotics社の日本における正規の販売店なのでご購入後も安心>> ※15時までのご注文確定で当日発送(日曜・祝日を除く)いたします。ご注文急増時は翌日以降の発送となる場合がございます。お急ぎの場合は電話・メールでお問い合わせください。 The ROV Locator Mk II brings the cost-effectiveness of underwater positioning solutions to a new level. With a 300m depth rating and no need to calibrate crystal oscillators or manually sync the distance between units (select auto sync) at mission start-up, you can get up and running in no time. <Description> The ROV Locator Mark II includes a transmitter mounted on the ROV and a receiver module located on the surface. The bundle also comes with a mounting ring and adapter. Simply power up, start the dive and track the ROV location in real-time on the QGroundControl map display. Serial communication and API are available. Autosync works by exposing the Receiver and Transmitter to GPS or GNSS signals at the start of the mission and optionally at intervals during the mission. Satellite acquisition occurs typically within 30 seconds of power-up. In the canonical case of a ROVL receiver sited near the ROV operator and a ROVL transmitter on the ROV, the satellite acquisition will typically occur in the background, and at the time the ROV is being readied for launch and while the ROVL Receiver IMU calibration is being done. <Downloads> Software https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aen8hc1vse4c9t7/AADDZ8JeO3ja8Y9ceZ8zP9qja?dl=0 <User Manual> https://cerulean-sonar.gitbook.io/rov-locator-user-manual/ <IMU calibration> https://youtu.be/qToERYYL02A <BlueROV Installation> https://ceruleansonar.com/pages/rovl-bluerov2-install <CAD Models> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/15v7mcka1irzv5t/AACjfG8C4Hn7Czt1XWxUhaF4a?dl=0 SKU:ROVL-MKII-TX-RX-AS-CBLA <Contents> ・One ROVL Receiver ・One ROVL Transmitter (Beacon) ・One Mounting Ring and Bracket Notes: The Cerulean "6.5-meter serial-to-USB conversion cable" must be preinstalled when purchasing the ROVL Mk II product. It is not upgradeable afterward 内容物など詳細については下記URLをご参照ください。 https://ceruleansonar.com/products/rovl-mkii?variant=39414929915970 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////