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【R3版】電源監視モジュール − Power Sense Module【最新リビジョン】

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The Power Sense Module (PSM) provides analog current and voltage sensing to your Pixhawk autopilot mounted on your BlueROV2 or custom marine robotics project. Please note: This new revision (since September 2021) is compatible with the current R3 revision of the BlueROV2, but has changes that are not compatible with older BlueROV2s. If you need a replacement for your older BlueROV2, please contact us at [email protected]. SKU: BR-101108 HS Code: 9030.33.3800 Contents 1 x Power Sense Module with pre-installed 5.5mm bullet connectors and spade connectors 1 x 200mm DF13 to JST-GH cable 1 x 200mm JST-GH to JST-GH cable