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【BlueROV2対応】高出力シングルビームエコーサウンダーS500 − Sounder S500



The S500 is a single beam echosounder designed for small ROVs, AUVs, and ASVs. The transducer and control electronics are unbundled to minimize external mechanical profile and maximize flexibility. The transducer (45.7 mm diameter x 33 mm) is rated to 300m depth, and the electronics module is housed inside the vehicle's pressure enclosure. A narrow beam width about 5 degrees focuses the acoustic energy providing 100m range and good angular definition. CHIRP technology also maximizes range and provides excellent range resolution. Description The S500 sonar is a multipurpose single-beam echosounder. It can be used as an altimeter for ROVs and AUVs, for bathymetry work aboard a USV, as an obstacle avoidance sonar, and other underwater distance measurement applications. The S500 implements CHIRP modulation, which sends a varying frequency ultrasonic pulse. The advantages of CHIRP include better signal to noise ratio, and much higher range resolution than non-CHIRP devices. The S500 can report a simple distance measurement, or It can also provide the full signal profile for display as a "waterfall" plot like the display of a fishfinder. For that purpose, S500 is compatible with the Blue Robotics Ping Viewer. Raw signal strength data profiles can also be provided for advanced analysis in technical applications. The S500 uses a high frequency 500 kHz transducer giving about 5 degrees beam width for ROV and AUV altimeter and bathymetry applications. It has a measurement range of over 100 meters. A bottom-tracking algorithm runs on the device to determine the distance to the seafloor. Three communication interfaces include Ethernet (100Mb/sec), USB (12Mb/sec), and 3.3-5.0V serial (115kbaud). Contents ・1x Sounder Control Board ・1x Transducer with one meter cable (1 shield + 2 signal wires). with installed JST-GH connector (1 meter) ・1x 2-wire power cable with installed JST-GH connector (60 cm) ・1x extra JST connector ・1x Oil-Resistant Buna O-Ring (McMaster-Carr part-number 9452K94) ・1x Postcard with Link and QR code to on-line documentation Learn Sounder S500 User Manual https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pyAMP_uynOfHQ07WfUvvXZZqa_wrjSEa/view?usp=sharing Sounder S500 API documentation https://ceruleansonar.com/pages/cerulean-sounder-api Transducer assembly drawing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xZ3nXv3Gv60VPIaaItoZoXebaMjs3Bgn/view?usp=sharing 内容物など詳細については下記URLをご参照ください。 https://ceruleansonar.com/products/sounder-s500?variant=32134954614850