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WetLinkペネトレーター WLP-M10-7.5MM 1-Pack



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The WetLink Penetrator is a compression gland cable penetrator to seal electrical cables as they pass into a device or enclosure. Each set includes a bulkhead, seal, plug, O-ring, and nut. It’s rated to 950 meter (3,116 feet) water depth when used with tested cables! We recommend the WetLink Plug Wrench and WetLink Assembly Block to ease with assembly! HC seal SKU: BR-100870-175 HS Code: 7616.10.7030 LC seal SKU: BR-100870-075 HS Code: 7616.10.7030 Content - 1 x WLP Bulkhead - 1 x WLP Plug - 1 x WLP Seal - 1 x WLP Nut - 1 x O-Ring 【販売部コメント】 SKUが変更になりました。 -HC- 変更前:WLP-M10-7.5MM-HC-R1-RP 変更後:BR-100870-175 -LC- 変更前:WLP-M10-7.5MM-LC-R1-RP 変更後:BR-100870-075