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Water Linked社製 Baseline Antenna



水中ドローン社公式ストアにお越しいただき、誠にありがとうございます。 ≪国内正規ディストリビューター≫ “日本の水中ドローンメーカー”水中ドローン社はノルウェーWater Linked社の国内総販売元なのでご購入後も安心。 The Antenna makes deployment of the Underwater GPS G2 baseline fast and easy. It contains 4 acoustic receivers which are held accurately in place by the antenna structure. This creates a perfect receiver baseline for the Underwater GPS system without the need to measure distances for each receiver separately. The construction is based on a foldable aluminum tube system which makes the Antenna easily portable when folded. SKU: WL-21027-1