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【R2版】Ping360スキャニングイメージングソナー − Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar【最新リビジョン】



The Ping360 is a mechanical scanning sonar for navigation and imaging. It has a 50 meter (165 foot) range, 300 meter (984 foot) depth rating, and an open-source software interface that makes it a capable tool for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging. The Ping360 comes with everything needed for use on the BlueROV2 SKU: BR-100399 HS Code: 9015.80.8080 Contents <Sonar> ・1 x Ping360 scanning sonar with pre-installed cable and WetLink penetrator ・1 x Penetrator Nut ・1 x Penetrator O-ring <Mounting Hardware> ・1 x Ping360 mounting bracket ・4 x M3x5 button head cap screws ・2 x M5x12 button head cap screws <Wiring> ・1 x 4-pin JST-GH to 4-pin JST-GH adapter PCB ・1 x 4-pin JST-GH to USB-A adapter (for USB configuration) ・1 x 4-pin JST-GH to male header pin adapter (for RS-485 configuration)