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Watertight Enclosure Tubes(3" Locking Series) - Cast Acrylic Plastic - 300 mm (11.8") - 150 m



Tubes for the 2″, 3″, and 4″ Series Watertight Enclosures, available in a variety of lengths and in clear cast acrylic plastic and aluminum materials. These are the second generation of these tubes with precision machined O-ring interfaces, a locking cord, and anti-rotation feature. Rated to depths up to 950 meters. SKU: BR-100895 HS Code: 3917.32.0050 Contents ・1 x Tube (based on selection) 【販売部コメント】 SKUが変更になりました。 変更前:WTE3-P-LOCKING-TUBE-300-R2-RP 変更後:BR-100895