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【R3版】BlueROV2エレクトロニクス耐圧容器(アルミチューブ) - BlueROV2 Electronics Enclosure with Aluminum tube【最新リビジョン】

通常価格 365,343円




Pre-assembled and tested with the BlueROV2 electronics, this enclosure is ready-to-integrate into your custom ROV frame or other application. It includes the 18-hole end cap with nothing installed. At minimum, we recommend including a Pressure Relief Valve, a pressure sensor like the Bar30 Pressure/Depth Sensor and the Power Cable Set to connect to a battery enclosure. SKU: BR-100656-001 HS Code: 9014.80.4000 Contents 4″ Series Enclosure 1 x 4″ Series Tube – 11.8″, 300mm (as configured) 2 x 4″ Series O-Ring Flange 1 x 4″ Series Dome End Cap 1 x 4″ Series Aluminum 18-Hole End Cap Advanced Electronics 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Computer 1 x Navigator Flight Controller 1 x Low-Light HD USB Camera 1 x Single Fathom-X Tether Interface Board 1 x BlueOS Raspbian microSD Card (16GB) 1 x 5V 6A Power Supply 1 x Blue Robotics Power Sense Module 6 x Basic ESC Electronics Tray 1 x 4″ Series Electronics Tray (with Terminal Blocks and Hardware) 1 x Camera Tilt System (with Mount for USB Camera)