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DVL-75 OEM - Baseline System-



  • [Ethernet data cable]


The DVL 75 is designed for low-cost, medium accuracy measurement of the velocity of an ROV. The system provides velocity outputs relative to the world frame of reference and can estimate positions using dead reckoning. 【Description】 This system is designed and priced for use by people who need to know generally where their ROV is located or want to hold a position in the face of currents or tether pull. A baseline system consists of an electronics stack and a sensor head containing piezoelectric elements and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). An upgraded IMU version of the head is also available, which has similar positioning performance but reduced calibration requirements. The electronics can be packaged in the user’s existing or new enclosure, or an optional Cerulean DVL enclosure can be used. An optional GPS sensor is available, which can be used to easily initialize an ROV’s position with respect to the standard latitude-longitude world coordinate system. If the optional GPS is not used, the user can provide initialization coordinates from their own GPS or other reference, or simply use the DVL’s dead reckoning outputs relative to an arbitrary coordinate system. 【contents】 1x Electronics Stack 1x Sensor Head 1x Data Cable (Serial or Ethernet) 1x Postcard with Link and QR code to on-line documentation