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【R1版】Cobalt Series Cable Termination Kit(8-Pin) レギュラーシェル用【最新版】



※ The 8-pin Cobalt connectors have been improved with larger-diameter pins and sockets and now have "-R1" in their part numbers. They are NOT compatible with the previous 8-pin connectors, which have "-SS" in their part numbers. The "-SS" 8-pin connectors will be discontinued in March 2023. If you still need the "-SS" 8-pin connectors, please contact Blue Trail Engineering. Use this Cable Termination Kit to add a Cobalt connector to your own cable! Available in 3-pin, 3-pin Power, 4-pin, 6-pin, 6-pin Hybrid, or 8-pin versions, with regular or large connector shells. Requires the appropriate Cable Termination Tool (sold separately). レギュラーシェル用 SKU: COB-3180-R1 Contents 1 x Connector Shell (regular) 1 x Connector Insert with pre-installed electrical sockets (3-pin, 3-pin Power, 4-pin, 6-pin, 6-pin Hybrid or 8-pin) 1 x Locking Sleeve 1 x #012 O-Ring