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【R1版】Cobalt Series Cable, Single-ended, Custom (1.0m up to 2.0m)(6-Pin Hybrid)【最新版】



※IMPORTANT REVISION TO 6-PIN HYBRID CONNECTORS APR. 6, 2023: The 6-pin Hybrid Cobalt connectors have been improved with larger-diameter pins and sockets and now have "-R1" in their part numbers. They are NOT compatible with the previous 6-pin Hybrid connectors, which have "-SS" in their part numbers. If you still need the "-SS" 6-pin Hybrid connectors, please contact Blue Trail Engineering. Polyurethane-jacketed cable with Cobalt Series plug and locking sleeve on one end. For use with Cobalt Series Bulkhead Connector (sold separately). Rated to 600 m depth. SKU: COB-126HC-R1 ※本商品はは0.1-2.0m以内でご希望の長さを切らずに納品させていただきます。 御見積・御注文に関しては弊社のホームページお問い合わせフォーム又  は下記のあて先へご連絡下さい。 【メールでの問い合わせ 】[email protected] 【お電話での問い合わせ】049-293-8394