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WetLink ケーブル スプライス キット



The WetLink Cable Splice Kit allows you to connect two cable ends without any messy potting compounds, molds, or curing time. Install WetLink Penetrators, connect the wire ends internally, and you have a splice ready to go to 500 meter depth! Imfomation! Please note! WetLink Penetrators are not included, but are required to use this product. SKU: BR-101170 HS Code: 8536.90.85.30 Product Description The WetLink Cable Splice Kit is a revolutionary alternative to the adhesive-based splice kits that are common in subsea work. Kits like the 3M™ Scotchcast™ Cable Splicing Kits require you to mix and pour urethane potting compound into a mold and wait for it to cure. It’s a finicky process that takes time and leaves lots of room for variation and error. The WetLink Cable Splice solves that! It’s pottingless, requires no molds, and has no cure time! You can make a high-pressure cable splice in just minutes. This kit includes a small box, made with high-strength polycarbonate plastic, with holes on either end for the WetLink Penetrators, which seal to just about any cable with a compression gland seal. To use this kit, you’ll need a few items: Contents ・1 x Cable Splice Enclosure & Lid ・1 x Lid O-ring ・2 x M3x10 Flat Head Screws ・1 x Molykote Pillow Pack 3D Product View →https://bluerobotics.com/store/cables-connectors/tools/wlp-splice-kit/#tab-3d-product-view 3D Models WetLink-Cable-Splice-Kit-BR-101170 (.zip) →https://cad.bluerobotics.com/WetLink-Cable-Splice-Kit-BR-101170.zip Revision History - 2 May 2023 BR-101170 Rev A - Initial Release Guides -Quick Start 1. Install the WetLink Penetrator from each cable end into the holes. 2. Make all wire connections. 3. Lubricate the lid O-ring and install it on the lid. 4. Lubricate the inside surface of the enclosure and install the lid. 5. Use the lid screws and a 2 mm hex to secure the lid. For complete instructions check out the WetLink Cable Splice Kit User Guide below. -Guides WetLink Cable Splice Kit User Guide →https://bluerobotics.com/learn/wetlink-cable-splice-kit-user-guide/ WetLink Penetrator Assembly Guide →https://bluerobotics.com/learn/wetlink-penetrator-installation-guide/