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Tracker 650




水中ドローン社公式ストアにお越しくださり、誠にありがとうございます。 <<産業用水中ドローンの国内トッププロバイダー>> “夢と感動の水中テクノロジー企業”水中ドローン社 <<米Blue Robotics社の日本における正規の販売店なのでご購入後も安心>> ※15時までのご注文確定で当日発送(日曜・祝日を除く)いたします。ご注文急増時は翌日以降の発送となる場合がございます。お急ぎの場合は電話・メールでお問い合わせください。 The Tracker 650 is optimized for minimum cost with performance ideally suited for everyday operation of most small ROVs. Why equip your ROV with a DVL? Here are three great reasons! Position Hold: Stabilize your underwater vehicle. No more drift due to tether pull and current. Pause your attention to ROV driving and know the vehicle will be right where you left it when you return. Works out of the box with BlueOS or any Ardusub/MAVLINK2REST vehicle. We are ready to help with any other OEM integrations. Position Tracking: By default, Tracker 650 sends position delta messages to ArduSub via mavlink2rest. With appropriate ArduSub setup, and user setting of a global origin, QGroundControl can display your vehicle position on its map. Again, we are ready to support other OEM integrations. Sonar Mosaic Live: The Tracker 650 is a perfect companion for the Omniscan 450 FS and Ping 360 imaging sonars. With Tracker 650 and Cerulean SonarView software you get real-time live sonar mosaic imaging. You will experience situational awareness rivaling multibeam sonars costing $20,000 to $30,000! Tracker 650 is fully supported by the SonarView application for configuration and monitoring. In addition to Windows, Linux, and macOS versions, SonarView can run on any modern browser when served directly from SonarLink. SonarLink is a node.js program that can be customized for OEM applications (BlueOS extension version of SonarLink is available now). <Product Description> Tracker 650 does only what you need a DVL to do, namely, to provide velocity information so that the vehicle control system can execute its advanced stabilization protocols like position hold and integrated position tracking. Rather than build in extra cost and complexity, Tracker 650 leverages the IMU in the vehicle as the central source of truth about attitude. This also simplifies setup as there is only one IMU to calibrate. Tracker 650 is perfect for integration by OEMs into their ROV platforms and Cerulean supplies all documentation and engineering support for these scenarios. <Contents> ・Tracker-650 with Ethernet + Power Wiring Cable ・Blue Robotics RJ45 to JST GH Adapter <Technical Details> ・Tracker 650 Docs → https://docs.ceruleansonar.com/c/v/dvl-50/overview ・SonarView Docs → https://docs.ceruleansonar.com/c/v/sonarview/overview ・CAD Models → https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wHmg9PUkOGPo7WkaAvmAWqTmfXKwJsQl?usp=share_link ※Please note!※ ・Maximum Operating Height (above target plane)*  → Achieved maximum height is dependent on several variables, including tilt of the sensor head, flatness of the target plane, hardness of the target plane, vegetation cover on the target plane, and salinity. On a hard-bottom body of water such as Minnesota's Lake Superior, we regularly achieve 50 meters. On a muck-bottom lake such as Minnesota's Lake Minnetonka, we sometimes struggle to get 30 meters. ・Minimum Operating Height**  →  Assuming the sensor head is oriented parallel to the target surface. ・Maximum Operating Speed***  →  Maximum speed may vary with height above target plane. ・Ethernet Support**** ・Serial Comms Voltage Levels**** ・Serial Parameters, Default****  →  The recommended interface is Ethernet. Serial interface is possible with a user-supplied custom cable. Some features, such as MAVlink REST server communication, are lost when using serial.